Manage the risks.


Educate yourself.

… and make profits.   With us.

The DividendLab website is established for a broad investor public. We provide an investment information service, we make business recommendations, we administer an investors´ forum, we issue a newsletter and we organize educational webinars.

Your subscription to DividendLab opens the door to a range of services and a plethora of information that will put you on par with money managers in your ability to manage your portfolio to consistent, positive returns. There’s nothing fancy about our methods, just straightforward, proven investing techniques applied through solid research, both of which we provide. The newsletter is stocked full of relevant and timely research, data, strategy insight and portfolio recommendations. The buy and sell alerts empower you with real-time decision-making capabilities, and our continuous portfolio monitoring and analysis provides you with a completely transparent view of the strategy as it unfolds. Periodic portfolio updates will ensure that you know when we know of any strategy adjustments due to market developments.

Our investment goal is to earn dividends, reduce investment risks, and as always, diversify, while outperforming the market.  All this while employing a conservative approach and an absolute return strategy.

And what’s your goal?

How do you invest? Where do you invest? What business strategies do you choose? How do you manage your positions?

Whether you are just looking around the world of investing, or, you are an experienced investor – your investment decision making will be far easier with the DividendLab community backing you.

Join us.

Todd Johnson, founder of DividendLab.