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You can enjoy all benefits of our AdvanceDL subscription free of charge for thirty days. You can profit from our unique conservative strategy which is based on the risk control and regular monthly income generated from dividends and options together with other investors.

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  1. Basic information service – key commentaries, trade alerts and a newsletter straight to your email box.
  2. Regular investment newsletter – you will receive a new issue of our newsletter every Monday before NYSE stock market opening.
  3. Original analyses of securities – detailed analyses not only from the companies we invest into.
  4. Access to the forum – our community for investors. You can ask me and other experienced investors questions as well.
  5. Webinars in the form of conference calls – you can take part in our webinars if you are interested.
  6. A sample portfolio – detailed portfolio position sheets in a few formats.

How does it work? Just register for trial membership in DividendLab by subscription button below. The service is provided during the time of your PayPal subscription validity. The price of the subscription is $0. On day 31, and each month thereafter, we will charge you $49 until you stop the service.

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Testimonial Eight

TJ, I am about eight months into my subscription and given recent events with the WXYZ-Stock synthetic ownership I thought I’d let others know what just happened. After setting up the position exactly as you specified, (1/14) $50 synthetic with (8/12) $60 short calls, I found myself traveling when the call to roll went out. I thought I had given myself plenty of time to put in the roll order but my $60′s got assigned before it could execute. I was nervous when my imagined ‘worst case’...

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Testimonial Nineteen

Hi Todd, I switched to Option Group in May this year, I just did a calculation of my portfolio today: Since I started following the option group, till yesterday (17-Oct-13), the total return is 38.9%. That's amazing considering that only one of my several accounts can utilize option spreads. The only thing I want to say now is thank you, thank you and thank you Todd, for the countless names you provided. I couldn't have achieved this without your help. I would never forget the first several PM ...

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Testimonial Four

"I am very pleased with DividendLab. Todd is always helpful and kind to me. I trust his opinion!"...

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Testimonial Fifteen

Todd Johnson our firm worked for and I have never met a man as astute in the market, friendly to work with, and personally caring with his clients. I feel the honor to be a student of Todd, and I've been trading 35 years. He knows more about areas of the market than I've ever been near. His subscription is worth twice the fee, and he's the best picker I've ever found. Chip Evans, Ph.D....

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Testimonial Twenty

I tried the BigDeal options service early last year for a few weeks but did not think it was right for me at the time because of the number of trades, which trades to follow, my comfort level with options, uncertain on how much of my portfolio to designate to options, and coming up with the additional subscription cost, etc. Then as Todd started putting more option trades in Advance Dividend Lab and I read the Options Playbook (and other material) I began to understand the strategies and trading...

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