Posted: 7-Mar-2013 1:48 am (1 year ago)

The $299 buys the Dividendlab News Letter. Everything else is a bonus. Again: EVERYTHING ELSE IS A BONUS! Todd’s sharing of his opinions is the greatest investment bargain I have ever encounter. After several decades of mostly buy and hold investing [made money] it became obvious that a little guy like me had to work hard to make a little money [~8% per year].

After joining this forum, I re-funded a trading account that had been sitting for multiple years. I scraped together $20k of stocks I had in DRIPS to do it. This represented 8% of my stock portfolio values, mostly tax deferred accounts. It’s leveraged and unhedged [very aggressive and not conservative or recommended for the faint of heart]. If I loss the money I will just work for an extra 9 month before I retire. 75% of what I do is based on Todd’s opinions. The other 25% is tied to what he has taught me.

I’m up over 45% in 3 months in this account [my other accounts are also doing well thank-you]. Todd is a bargain with freebie’s. I don’t always agree with him on a particular investment, but that is where I have extensive knowledge that people pay me well to own my opinion. I value assets, he values investments. They are different.

I want to join the option service as soon as I close a couple business transactions and keep many mouths fed. Thank you Todd Johnson!!!


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30-Day Money Back Guarantee for each of our products.

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