Hi everyone,

I want to highlight a few issues about Mike Ray. He and I are aware of our core group of Dividend Lab friends.  We want to personalize the site and service further. We’ll start on the forum and go from there. We both share a common goal of making money for someone we know – and takes the time to interact on the forum – vs. Forum ABC member. We are both centered on helping everyone achieve their goals. Obviously friends and family take center role.

To give an example, today Kwieder posted a compelling investment idea. Mseni posts year round compelling thoughts. Mseni gave explicit money making ideas at the end of December. Mike and I are grateful to everyone. There is never a stupid question.

Mike Ray’s Core Responsibility


He works with me on researching stocks, options, hedges, securities, contacting management staff. He helps with investment ideas for my family money, friends’ family money, his family money. He helps with our quantitative screens.


Mike Ray’s Added Roles


Providing High Probability Trades to More than Cover the Expense of Subscription

1. “Sniper” Trades

Mike is going to help out on researching a few obscure ideas. He plans to also identify a few Sniper trade for the Big Deal. I will let Mike explain “Sniper” – as I personally could not find a politically correct “sniper” picture – strategy. The strategy will focus upon ideas for member who subscribe to Big Deal. I believe Big Deal is $1299/year, and Mike will present these ideas in his “Sniper” strategy.

My friends who know Mike recognize his intelligence and his ability to follow-through on the above “Sniper” Concept. I want to focus upon teaching more concepts in this arena.



2. Forum Posting

I have taken steps to help Mike out and post on the forum.  He is an excellent writer, excellent investor, and will combine these thoughts on the forum.


1. Small Publicly Traded Biotech Knowledge,

2. Closed End Fund Insights,

3. Gastroenterology-related healthcare stocks,

4. Any option strategy,

5. Dividend Growth Stocks,


6. Quantitative Screen Insights




3. Webcasts

Mike and I have committed to weekly podcasts – to become “videocasts” asap. Today we did week 2 of podcasts. Mike Morton – another key partner – is putting these together and acting as moderator.

We will discuss any reader questions; portfolio strategy; newsletter strategy; hedging strategy; IPO strategy; sector-rotation; option strategy – or key trends. In other words: anything goes. If you ask a question, we will do our best to answer it.

Mike Ray, Mike Morton, Alex, folks behind the scene to remain anonymous for now, and I are acting as a team. It’s a partnership with subscribers.

Thanks for your support,

Mike, Mike, Todd


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