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You have four products to choose from when using our services. The first option is free of charge, while the others are paid memberships with full benefits. The three paid alternatives offer important advantages. Three of the alternatives are shown below in the chart, and the fourth one is described after the chart.


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We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for each of our products without any restrictions. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the product you purchased from us or it just does not meet your expectations, please notify us within 30 days from the date of the purchase by our contact form and we will process your refund.


Platinum Select Service

Platinum Select is a unique subscription service opportunity with guaranteed returns of 25-35%.  Todd Johnson of DividendLab and  Chip Evans, Ph.D (known as Floyd the Trader) of OEX Options have combined their 40-plus years’ of experience in options and stock trading to develop this opportunity.

Our team’s focus is on understanding your goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance. We then build a customized asset allocation strategy and investment plan tailored to your needs.

We do all the research, identify the winners, and alert you when to trade. If you are an active trader who’s interested in bigger gains and willing to trade several times per week, then this service is for you. We guarantee you a minimum of 25% return on your investments.

Please visit our partners in The Evans Group – Platinum Select Service page for more information about the service.

Listen brief introduction to Platinum Select Service – audio podcast



The Details

Basic Information Service

The basic information service includes commentaries on the latest happenings in the financial market and brief analyses of securities, which can be interesting investment opportunities. You’ll also find links and references to articles in other media that we regularly publish.

Regular Investment Newsletter

This newsletter is a regular commentary on the latest happenings in the financial markets in connection with our investment strategies. It also shows the titles that we possess in our portfolio, as well as ones on our watch list. Todd summarizes the most important news relating to the titles in our portfolio, noting the top titles he considers to be the best investment opportunities at a given moment. Later on, in the section dedicated to business, he describes business news in great detail.

Detailed analyses of companies make up the largest chapter of the newsletter. These analyses can be read in the public section of DividendLab.com. However, some of these are provided for our members only. A summary of all the positions of our sample portfolio can be found in the final part of the newsletter.

Original Analyses of Securities

We regularly issue detailed analyses of companies, which creates the foundation of the information we provide free to the public. We introduce a particular company from all important points of view; you will get an overview of the company’s financial indicators, its main business, and its key intentions for the future. We talk about the best time to invest in the company and under what conditions you should do it, as well as the best strategy to use for that investment.

Please be aware that though these analyses are published in a public part of DividendLab.com, they show up in those areas only after 45 days. Immediate access to the analyses is open only to members.

Forum: A Community for Investors

Our forum is expanding all the time, and it is becoming an immeasurable aid for each investor. Here, we share opinions about the titles in our portfolio, comment on current financial and economic topics, exchange investment tips with each other, discuss the possibilities of individual business platforms, and much more.

The forum represents a growing community of investors with different investment histories and different experiences who share a similar attitude towards investing. We believe each investor can be a positive contributor to our community; therefore, any member can add his or her commentary or ask a question. If you ask a question, you will get an answer from someone in the community.

Webinars in the Form of Conference Calls

We also organize webinars for our members. We usually target a particular business strategy in the first part. In the second part, we discuss current topics and answer related questions. As the conference calls are usually recorded, you will not miss the information if you cannot participate at the given time.

A Sample Portfolio

In our sample portfolio, the titles we recommended from a business point of view are monitored. We usually have about 30 titles in the portfolio, using a specific business strategy for each title. The fact that operations in our portfolio are checked and audited by a CPA is entirely unique. We do not expect our members to copy our sample portfolio precisely to their business accounts; however, you can be sure that DividendLab owns exactly the same portfolio. We invest with you.

Immediate News and Commentaries

An online information service is provided for the members of our premium community. Todd will inform you by email about business transactions that are worth making immediately. In fact, he makes the same transactions with you. This service is irregular, and it is always in close connection with current affairs in the markets. The frequency of commentaries and trade alerts differ according to the market situation. We will send news to your email box a few times a week as a rule.  It will enable you to profit from situations that may not be immediately detectable in a regular newsletter, as they demand active work in your portfolio. Nonetheless, you’ll often be rewarded with high yields.

Sample Options Portfolio

Our premium options portfolio is another portfolio we administer for you. The aim remains the same, which is a focus on conservative income returns. However, we apply a more active approach in the premium options portfolio; it is based on the options strategy mix. This fact might appear somewhat risky, but don’t worry. We always clearly define the extent of the risk with each trade. We are definitely not a daily trading service, though. As a rule, our positions are aimed at mid- to long-term horizons.

Premium Section Access

Mainly titles in the premium options portfolio are discussed in this section of the forum. However, you can expect a more personal approach in this forum. In fact, you can ask questions concerning your particular position.

New Analyses Notice by Email

If you wish, we can send you an email as a reminder when we issue an analysis. We can also send you a summary of the developments on the DividendLab.com site, set at intervals convenient for you.

More About Our Product Prices

Have you compared us with other newsletters on the market and think our price is too high? In our experience, practically all of our clients cover the cost of the yearly subscription in the returns from their first completed trade. Our other services (the forum, our webinars, the study materials) are an extra bonus, not counting the other successful investments you’ll be making. Immerse yourself in the opinions and recommendations of our clients on our Testimonials page, and let yourself be convinced. We are proud of our products.

On the other hand, our services aren’t designed for everybody. Are you ready to do your homework?