What to Expect from Your Subscription

The Dividend Lab website and newsletter focus on identifying investments for investors. We will help you read market trends and outperform them. We want to see you earn dividends and reduce your investment risks. We will not give you some get-rich-quick formula because those don’t exist. We believe that with hard work and the right business strategies, your investments will steadily reap returns in the right time.

Whether you’re a new investor thirsty for useful investment tips and strategies or a long-time business shareholder, we provide useful information dependent on your level of need. Our newsletter is packed with a wealth of information on anything and everything related to investing. You’ll find helpful news on market trends, relevant stock research and data analyses (including timely news), business insights, and recommendations to guide you.


The Next Step for Those Who Want More

Our Premium Option Service is focused upon conservative income returns. We invest conservatively with hedged positions, whether in a bull, bear, or neutral market. The bottom line is net profit for you.

Our strategic mission is to implement option strategies using Todd Johnson’s stock research. The portfolio will have bull, bear, and market-neutral positions. We use Calendar Spreads, Bull and Bear Vertical Spreads, Condors and Iron Condors, Straddles and Strangles, and Covered Call Writing as ways of hedging our investments.

We also focus on catalyst option positions; catalysts can drive stock prices higher or lower. They are a key driver in creating option movement, which is why Todd Johnson focuses on them.

We write educational option articles for those who need assistance. You can also post questions with our interactive webinars and conference calls.

Other Possibilities

Do you need different kinds of services other than the ones we already offer? If you are interested, please use our contact form, and tell us what you need. We will contact you directly.


Can’t Decide?

Are you still not sure that DividendLab membership is the right fit for you? You can view an issue of our newsletter free of charge after you register. Just fill in the registration form, and then visit our Newsletter section. As a registered user, you will be able to receive the news we email to our members, and you can read our analyses one month earlier than users who aren’t registered. We can also send our basic information service to your email box at intervals that are convenient for you.