Interest in Sharing a Podcast: 08.15.2016


August 15th
Interest in Once a Week Podcast: you can check it out on, put the same weekly podcasts on our facebook page; put it on Linkedin; put it on Google +; put it on twitter put it on various resources.

I know quite a few about having a Podcast. The framework would be 1-hour to 1.5 hours per week. If we have a popular show, sponsors cover the costs and they do very well.

I would like to have two people each week to a podcast. I would do it with one other person. For those people interested, you can check out

Email me at if you are interested in helping out the podcast and if you want to want to split the money. Alex could provide insights for the set up. We could have 3-folks per week to talk.

We can have a guest to talk to (popular voice) and then do a visit on their show.

We could review two growth stocks each week.

Please email if you are interested in pursuing this idea once a week.  Todd


I would like to have 2 constant regulars to help out. This way sponsors could track our performance; we would make it enjoyable and informative.

Alex would be paid for loading the podcast and using his expertise.

If you are interested in doing a podcast together, send me an email and let me know. The more you are available, the better. We want a consistent podcast with excellent podcasts sponsors.
Past 2-Weeks: Off Topic
$ACIA was up 41% on Friday.$ACIA was up 6.96% today.

I rolled the $BABA today. Regardless of what happens, we have more than made enough money to make money on $BABA. We can roll the options on this name with a good sized profit.

I will roll the options slowly but surely so we have all the rolls ready.

The portfolio is doing very well. Make sure to use the webpage that calculates your returns with dividends reinvested.


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