Purpose of this Email: How our team established parts of the Private Portfolio. We explain what to expect. A new  Quant3 Squad Screen has an extremely powerful net results. 

Hi Everyone,

1. Quantitative Screening: #3 of My 7-Screens Used for Share Appreciation, Income, and Alpha.

This is a core strategy to my success. The data is only good as the variables. Hiring the programmers sounds “easy”, but it is far more complicated than “easy”. We pay the programmers adequate money so the info is not shared

A quant screen – for our purposes in the private group – are the following:

1. Our First Quant Screen Used: A 20-stock screen that starts as a 3% position. We allow this gto grow to Portfolio 10% Position.

Our goal is a constant increase in net value an an increase in monthly cash flow. I try to limit the downisde risk


Inline image 2



2. Volatility Calendar Call Hopefully readers are aware of $VIX and volatility having specific calendar dates.





Because the Quant3 Screen is imposing, impressive, more time intensive than the first quant screen — we start with a 4% Portfolio Allocation. We then allow it become a 12% portfolio allocation. The quant screens work. 


Todd, Mike, Mike


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