Dana White thinks 145 pounders are beasts. I’ll show him up for a one time fight with a charity of his cho ice. Pleas9 e allow me to know the weigfhts, times, and when I’ll kick his ass offf the stage. Thank you. Ih8ave a single A ball game at 7:00 pm est. – please advise Dana that she will need to be ready by 7:00 pm est.  Todd 5/19/2017

==Pretty Sage Northcutt (until i LOSE will be rattlesnake; whale; black mamba):

–The rattlesnakes can wait all day due to the pool and their rattler sound.

Whatever animal – if outdoors, they will be squashed like a grape. I am relying upon Joe Rogan, Brendan, Bryan, Jorge on if the terms or ok. Dana White is one of the key UFC owners. If he says 8% – then  let’s go with 7% on my part.

Everyone thinks they are Mike Tyson (pre-prison), let’s get it on this weekend. Chael – please in invite Joseph -vs. cutting him down. Jorge – come one, come all. Todd Johnson, Albuquerque, NM; 5050-205-8207.


who i (Todd Johnson) will fight?

  1. Chael w/ wresting/snake fights.
  2. Joel: snake fightihg
  3. Fight: Bristol, CT; your friends place; Joels’s firends place; wild boy action with Steve-O;; Rattlesnake (u can here sound)
  4. Kill sounds:  rattler and bite.


If you know snakes, (I DO) let.s allow manage,emttptale1