10.12.15; Topic: If you bought $EMC calls or stock, or additional positions, I think would recommend an investor taking profits on 1/2 of their position tomorrow. This is especially true on the equity side. I would sell the stock. The options provide a significant leveraged return. 


Hi David (on the forum, Davidd posted the news),

Thanks for the info.

I think we’ll receive more than $33. I bought, on Friday, $30 calls at .28 or$28: EMC Oct 2015 30.000 call (EMC151016C00030000). $28 turns into $300 or higher. I did get lucky adding these cheap calls. The stock provided a $27 – $33 short-term gain. I liked the name as a dividend growth name.

Working on the newsletter, so I appreciate the info. David – I appreciate your intelligence on the conference calls. As we move forward, please always share your thoughts.





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