Hi Folks,

New Team Member: I found a friend – I don’t pry into their personal lives – who has a podcast, video creation business. I was shocked & flabergasted. He will help in podcasts, webcasts, videocasts. This will be an excellent way to convey new information or address market opportunities.

Here are the changes to expect:

1.  Dividend Lab Newsletter:

Each position is equal size. If one does not own $EMES or $OAK at this point in time, I’m not sure what to say. I have tried to highlight the rationale. I am updating – as is Mike Ray – our thoughts and changes in our current positions from last week.

Their have been drastic changes to reflect subscriber demand. $EMES has been performing tremendously. We have a substantial amount of positions with 12% annual yields. As I mentioned today on the forum, I bought more $EMES units and $EMES calls.

I will post when prior newsletter picks are changed.

The demand for Dividend Lab was minimal. Most subscribers simply wanted to be told what few stocks to buy. I am a bit more proactive then this type of approach. If anybody has any questions (like someone in Hawaii). please ask on the forum.

For example, we closed the GasLog Ltd. (GLOG) position today after a 20% gain in stock price. This was an IPO, that I liked, which should move higher. So we lock in the gains. Our core LNG-transport business to Japan and Europe is Cheniere Energy, Inc. (LNG).  This position, initially established in the mid $30’s, has paid off. If we have a new position, we will address it in a write-up (eg today’s Encana $ECA) or on a podcast. We will have a podcast with new positions or any updated situation.

2. Private Group – Our Core “Best Work in Great Detail” Product:


1. This is simply my pride and joy. This is my teams’ pride and joy. We work directly with the person independently for them to achieve their goals.

2. Mike Ray provides Picking Up Nickels so the monthly subscription cost is – ideally and with intentional aim and purpose – paid for. Mike Ray has displayed his investment stud skills. Mike Morton is incredible in what I ask from him. He will be providing new comentary on positions he likes. There is a team of 7 folks working towards the success of the select group of members. This is aimed for members seeking a multi-year approach.

This is the product Mike Ray, Mike Morton, Todd Johnson, and colleagues want as our key product. This is our best work based upon Portfolio Management and Risk Management. This is Mike Ray, Mike Morton, and my proudest work. It’s a work in progress with a 100% focus to the member.  We know the member as a person, as a name, and based upon their personal needs and expectations.

Weekly podcasts will be available for this product.

3. Big Deal:

I adjusted positions today: took some losses, added some solid new names, and am ready to roll our March 22nd options out. We will have a podcast on any special trades, of which there have been many.

We will have weekly podcasts on new positions and views on the market.

4. Quantitative (aka Mechancial Screens) Stock Screens

We use these in the Private Group, Platinum Select products. They are not free. AAII.com has free quant screens.

5. Platinum Select

There is a $25,000-year Platinum Select that guarantees a 25% annual return. There is a $35,000 Platinum Select product that guarantees a 35% annual return. One should talk to the broker for details. My team simply picks the options/stocks/quant screens to achieve returns.



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