May 6th 

Hi everyone: I will send breaking news out when/if I have it. What am I talking about?



I was on the Dallas radio show. You can listen to the re-run tomorrow, on home page.  This name $EMES has made me the most money since buying Apple $AAPL in the $14-range in late 1999. The reason I bought AAPL then? It was on a Net/Net Screen. When it started moving up – I dug into it and it was a few years of hearing the words: Steve Jobs is back; iPhone, iPod,  iTouch, iPad. All from Dr. Benjamin Graham’s Net/Net screen.

I’m the biggest quant screen believer since the good Dr. Graham. 


Look Out for the Next Event: Cramer Recommends $EMES. He is a day late and a dollar short. But he’ll be there. 


Here’s the latest info:

1) I am digging into everything I can on $EMES, $HCLP, $SLCA.

2) I have some smaller players that I am researching further – and will send info when I am “comfortable” in suggesting.

As soon as I have confirmed info pertaining to $EMES:  you will be the first to know. The position size is what it is as this is a rare occurrence for a name to pop on my radar and everything go as expected. We are making quite a bit of money. Please stay informed on the forum, via email.

Bakken-Folks: I’ll send research when I have it in my cyber hands. 

Best and congrats to those who believe –



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