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FolioFN.com & Personal Quant Screen Performance: Please Examine

This works only if foliofn.com is used. There are a couple of other sites I am looking into for “rebalancing” needs. This info provides an idea for a small allocation.


There are many types of folios. We use this for 3% and 4% allocations. We have true portfolio management technique in place to ensure we – do our “dangest”(excuse the french)  to do quite well. Mike Ray can advise anyone on types of mechanical screens we use. We use this in conjuntionc with CEF’s, MLP’s, blue chip stocks, debt instruments, spinoffs, rights’ offerings, warrant offerings.

Mike Ray’s Performance. 

Mike started with two screens. One is up 11% since Feb 14th. The other is up 4.8% since March 2nd. 

These are small portfolio allocations designed to do their own mechanical investing. FolioFN.com, right now, is the only one that can adjust/rebalance weekly the changes in the screen. The performance is incredible.

I I have other screens with great returns – and we only use these for up to 10% allocations.

I may make – if there is interest here – an income folio at foliofn.com. It would include 50% names; dividends are auto-reinvested; and rebalanced. 

Dividend Lab Portfolio

We are doing very good in the portfolio.  I have realized I can’t be Motley Fool or Cramer’s Mad Money. I makey money.  In the portfolio you will find warrants, options, blue chip stocks, shorts, protective puts – everything that one can legally buy.

I realize most people prefer the Motley Fool/Cramer style. It’s not me. I don’t sell newsletters because people think things are easy to make money. How many have lived through 1987, 1994, 2000, 2008? How many have lived with the 10-Year at 10%+ interest rates.

Private Group or FolioFN Groups:

If you want to join, ask. It’s not free. The returns and personal attention from Mike Ray, Mike Morton, I – and others will be impressive. 

After the Next Crash: 

After the next stock market crash, I don’t want to explain why our portfolio lost so much money. Thus, I have to run the portfolio as I – and team (Mike Morton, Mike Ray, others, VC expert) – demand. 

Your Help:

I sent out a list of 10-stocks to star with in a portfolio. This was just today, Sunday. Tell me when you want your info – and it will be so.  Do you want it categorized by CEF’s; MLP’s; BDC’s; blue chip growth stocks? Our $VRNS is up 30% in 11-days.  We will make sure you have a listing of names by caegory. Please tell Alex (HelpDesk@DividendLab.com) your request. We’ll make it so as part of the dividend lab newsletter.

Caution: I can’t predict the future. 

My Concern:

My concern and focus – and my team in our constant meetings – and that you make money.  It’s not easy. You are at the wrong place if you think it’s easy.

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Best of enjoyment,

Todd Johnson, Mike Morton, Mike Ray



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