I will have a live conference call later this week. Please PM me with your questions. I will write up the questions and answers, if I can’t find a simple way to record and post.

Please email, if you can’t PM on the forum, Alex@DividendLab.com and Todd@DividendLab.com with your question. Please narrow it down to your top 1-2 questions.


A. Jason’s Option Picks: Different Topic but Feel Free to Ask Questions

Jason has done a great “Big Deal” job with his picks. His bearish oil trades have been spot-on. His option clarity is excellent. I encourage everyone to read Jason’s work (pm Alex and I) for a copy.Jason really takes a lot of pride and effort in his work. His work really shines. I think you can only judge that for yourself. He has a wide mixture of bearish and bullish plays. What I really like is he locks in profits.

B. Alex’s Weekly Sending of Quant Screens:

Alex sends it out like it is nothing, but he really has a handle on the quant screens. They are doing very good. Overall, I have asked for “member” returns. The number has been 10% – 12% recently. This percentage has been higher since Jan 1, but the market definitely is having a tough time in the past 6-weeks. 

Alex does an incredible amount of work behind the scenes. I am very grateful for his help. Jason has really from the beginning provided great ideas and great rationale. Taking profits alows for new positions and establishing a terrific annual return. 

C) Tom’s CEF analysis, and then some, offer a lot value that one can’t find on the internet. He takes some of the more popular CEF articles, from SeekingAlpha type articles, established on his own. These are his own independent work.He shares the common goal of making money.

Tom, it appears, puts in more effort than many of the CEF articles found anywhere else. On the forum, Tom justifies the issues in a terrific style.

D. My (Todd’s) Portfolio Picks

On the forum, I have listed the general label of my equity picks. They fall into these general camps – and by no means is this an all-inclusive list: 1) Permanent Positions; 2) Warrants; 3) spinoffs; 4) warrants; 5) hedges; 6) growth names and/or dividend growth names; 7) MLP’s; 8) Refineries; 9) Debt; 10) Preferred Stock; 11) Mid-Camp and Small-Camp; 12) focus upon dividends; 13) Solar Stocks offer capital growth (and losses in a rocky market) and a YieldCo; 14) stocks with buyback attributes ($AZO has done excellent); and 15) many other categories with unique characteristics. 

Conference Call Questions

Feel free to ask any question. If I don’t know the answer, I will let you know. I’ll do research and get back to you.

If you want to start sending in questions – that will give some time to do the research necessary for before-conference-call knowledge.


08.09.15 (Posted on Forum)

I will have a conference call during the week of August 9th. The call will be August 12, 13, 14, or 15.

I’ll figure out a time. Alex does so much, I want to figure this outon my own. There has to be a more simple recording process than GoToMeeting.com (used in the past).

There will be a call this week. Whether it is recorded or not is up in the air.

If it not recorded, please PM (private message) with your exact questions. I will provide answers via a posting on the forum. Please word the question exactly like you would ask someone over dinner. Casual – but you need precise answers. The market has been tough so I’ll be as specific as I can.

I will work to find an easy way to record answers for the future.



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