Hi Folks –

The bear market is over . I do want to add a few special situations with hedges.

1. Let’s Buy 150-Shares of Johnson Controls $JCI 

1A. Price: $40.60: Total Cost = $6,090
1B. Hedge: $40 Link Total Cost is $160

Spinoff Pending

2. Buy SPY Calls, if the market takes off

We will adjust before these expire. Let’s buy 10 at $3.80 or $3,800. This is designed to offset some of the hedges if FedSpeak jolts the market higher.
These calls are only for those who use calls. I’m doing what I think is best. If you want to know what I’m doing, this is what I am doing.
3.  Buy 100-Shares of Darden $DRI for potential Land Spinoff
1A. Cost $6,900-Debit

4. Let’s buy 100-Shares of McDonalds for the Dividend and Potential Land Spinoff

The hedge is $250-debit. 100-Shares is $9,630-Debit. This is a blue chip, new management, who I would rather bet on than bet against. If anything they have a lot of value in real estate bought over the years. Special Situations. Todd




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