August 9th, 2014


Alex puts an incredible amount of effort in getting the quants set out on a timely manner.  I ask you contact Alex on any specific questions. He works extremely hard to get this results out

Hi All,

as for quant screens, I recommend you to visit our QuantDL page

DividendLab QuantDL page

please scroll down to see our results (you have to be signed in to see specific charts and tables for every folio).

We currently have 5 quant screens (+ I’m thoroughly inspecting one new). If you want to see numbers – our 5 current quant screens in overall represent:


19% gain in last 12 months
90% gain in last 24 months.


Long term investing does make sense in this space.

If you have any questions, simply email me or send a PM.

We are not going to keep a Quant Screen of Upstream MLP with a borrowing limit about to go to zero. Adjustments are made.

This doesn’t have any screens that require constant monitoring. The returns have been good. As long sa we keep going, the returns will normalize. If one person invests on Mondays (when the report goes out) and another invests on Thursdays – please expect significant results from one week to another.


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