Private Group:
Adjusting Dividend Lab Private Group Positions. I want to make sure we don’t sit pat and watch the money go out the door in a market decline.
Hi Folks,
For those who own Cyber IT names, plase make sure to follow-up with me. I want to change positions to max our ROIC ; still maintain the same position; and make a few little tweaks
Please Contact Me
You know who you are. Could you please advise in general terms what you own. If you own 1,000-shares of $PANW or 10-calls of $PANW, if you simply state you own 100-shares of $PANW, I’ll work around it. It’s not my business to know how many shares you really own. It’s only a newsletter.

This has been a home run! We got lucky on this one. Luck can play a big role in the outcome. Hopefully we have a whole lot more to come. 
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