Thursday: June 23, 2016

Portfolio in PDF:     Portfolio.June.20

Hi Everyone, the conference call is tonight. We can have a call on any given night. Let me know when you would like a conference call and I’ll schedule it. If this call doesn’t work for you, simply let me know what day a call works for you.
 – = Tips for any conference access. I will post one of the most recent portfolio position sheets. I do plan on selling names to make up for the expense of new positions.
If you have time for a portfolio discussion, I can answer any questions you may have. Ivy will sign on too to help out anybody not. There is a link in the below images indicating a sample way to sign on. This worked for me this morning.
Ideas include:
A. $New Residential offers close to a 14% yield.
B. $OPK received positive product news in the past few days.
C. $ We have a significant #  of positions with a 10% yield.
D. Danaher has an upcoming spinoff
E. $ACAS is one of my favorite names. The price has slowly increased since our purchase.




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