The 10-Year Bond is at 2.66%. I added, in the past 10-days, about 15-positions with dividends/distributions. They are hedged against a rising rate environment. There are about 15-20 names that will be removed if interest rates move quickly.

Names Added

The names added – temporarily, or mentioned to draw awareness – will or won’t include A) spinoffs or the $SZMK type.

Position Type

The positions are CEF’s, BDC’s, MLP’s, stocks, preferred stock, options, warrants.


Gaming and Leisure Properties, Inc (GLPI),  ONEOK Inc. (OKE) exist due to their spinoff nature. They will be removed  if the perception of too many names exists. This is the difference between a portfolio holding and a newsletter position.


I took profits on $FB, $YELP, $GOOG, $PCLN.

Spinoff names – like today’s Sizmek Inc. $SZMK – will be removed from the newsletter list. Profits, in real life – as the stock was sold,  were taken and then a synthetic position created which would not be on the position list.

Today: Facebook $FB, Yelp $YELP were removed due to taking profits on the name. It would be likely $SZMK would not be added, in the future,  to the newsletter list of names due to one’s perception of too many names.


Varonis Systems $VRNS was added to the newsletter list today, but likely would not hve have in the future because of the perception of too many names. The time on the newsletter list will reflect reader sentiment.

Dividend Reinvestment

I list what names will have dividends/distributions re-invested into new shares. Otherwsie those names will be sold from newsletter positions.

Names not on Newsletter

Quant names won’t count as posititions since they exist as “one” in their effectiveness. Spinoff names,  special situation, 1-time diivdend, temporary holdings will likely not be on the newsletter list in the future. I did, however, include the names in the past week. At any given time, there are about 200-spinoffs or special situations.

Spinoffs, warrants, rights’ offerings, options will be removed or not added to begin with – to avoid the appearance of too many names. The concept is that 50% of  the newsletter names will be removed due to their nature as a spinoff $SZMK or HIG-WT.

A name like Coca-Cola $KO is on the list only to serve as a place to put cash if a special situation stock is sold. All the special situation stocks will be removed sooner than later.


In the future, there will be fewer names on the newsletter list of stocks. 




Outdated document.
The document was written more than 6 months ago. Information may be outdated.