Here are a few things regarding the special money back guarantee;

  1. if you are a current subscriber, you can’t get a refund and obtain money back subscription – which is unique: for simplicity called Dividend Lab Income.
  2. If you want to sign up you can – and the key term applies: if you don’t make money, then I’ll give you a refund for Dividend Lab Income.
  3. We can talk  by scheduling a call.


I do plan on putting a together simple read on recommended preferred stock.

I do plan on establishing favorite CEF names.

I can’t buy every preferred stock, every CEF, every IPO, every special situation name, or every growth name. An ideal growth name, that we own, is $ACIA.

An ideal preferred name, that we don’t own, is Oxfor Lane’s 2 preferred stocks. This was especially true during the preferred stock buy back.

An ideal CEF stock can be found – with many ideas – by tommays. I personally I have quite a few CEF.

Spinoffs and special situation stocks can often be favorable.

I want to put together my favorite names in all categories. I can oown my favorite names – with an obvious focus upon income, hedging, very basic options, such as protective puts to serve as a hedge.

My goal is to provide this money to people who pay for it. I think you will be very pleased with the results  to people who pay for it. I want to back your money with confidence.  I hope that shows my commitment.

I do have other goals, in the next few years, to reward those who were with me from the beginning. Thanks,


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