BIG DEAL, Dividend Lab, new “15% Fund”, and HOLIDAY SPECIAL PRICING
Personal One-on-One Help
Please Contact Me, Todd Johnson, for Any Personal Assistance; Establishing a Personal Portfolio; Helping with Hedging. Please email me at DividendLab@gmail.com . You can send a text to505-205-8207. Please refer to the key word in the below 20% off discount as a reference.
In an email, please indicate what you are looking for and any specifics. We can talk on the phone to see if it makes a good match. I’m not a hedge fund manager, stock broker, or recommending exotic products.
The core investment ideas are: dividend growth stocks; opportunistic stocks (e.g., buying $VRX at $73 recently); special situation (e.g., special situation spinoffs; rights offerings; going private is usually < 99-shares). I try to hedge the core material risk away. This would be done via a protective puts. Selling covered calls or trading bull put spreads on the SP500 / bear call spreads on the SP500 – for a credit trade. This credit income can help pay for the hedging cost. 
Discount Terms:
1. Effective thru December 31, 2015.
2. Available only to members who have subscribed before.
3. Available only to members who have not tried a trial offer.
4. Alex and I must agree to the subscriber and terms.
5. For exceptions, please email me at DividendLab@gmail.com
Reason for Special:
1. I am going to diversify a number of our positions away from SP500 names. They will have a low beta to the SP500.
2. I plan to place, establish option trades, to buy energy stocks if they do bounce back. The cost of capital will be limited on these.  The positions will be cost-effective by using options to be ready for energy stocks.
3. The core equity portfolio, Dividend Lab, uses options for security and/or portfolio protection. 100-shares of Amazon has a price tag north of $600. Options allow us to establish positions without this size of capital.
4. The Big Deal
The Big Deal service will continue to focus upon the use of options that are a built more complicated. The options can be learned fairly quickly. I use OptionPlaybook.com as a resource to learn the terminology and understand the key highlights.
Ideally we can hop back on the energy holdings when there is a turn. Because options are involved, they won’t be in the Dividend Lab portfolio. That is the way Alex and I have decided makes the most sense. Many investors are only equity investors. In that case I would be suggesting equity positions with a protective put for the Dividend Lab portfolio.
5. The Quant Screens
I think this is going to continue to be a fun, successful portfolio. Hopefully everyone knows how hard Alex works. Alex is a tremendous resource in sending out the weekly trades/adjustments. We use the #1 place I have found: FinancialFN.com.
5A. The 15% Fund (begins 01.01.2016)
Cost: $100-Year; Weekly Adjustments which are easy at FolioFN.com
It is easy to track your performance FolioFN.com.

I am going to add one, beginning Jan 1, 2016, that will be called the 15% fund. Each year the fund’s objective will be to earn 15%. The max # of stocks will be 25. It will be easy to maintain at FolioFN.com. I’ll have this one, which can easily be maintained along with the Quant Screens (5) above.
Alex can add a lot of insight to this fund.
6. New Members, Family and Friends
This applies to new members. If you are a new member, please take a flat 50% off of any products. This can’t be used for renewals
Happy Holidays to Everyone. I want to say thanks to everyone who was there the entire time with a positive voice. Tom, Alex, Dave, Francine, David, Ms_, Mseni, Chris: I read every post and everything truly helps me. I am missing a lot of folks to name – but those above folks are working and sending me emails that lead to potential ideas. I really want to say it’s been 100% a pleasure helping you
I want to ensure we are positioned correctly – and will be making changes in the next few days. If anything, I hope I kept a few folks away or underweighted from the energy stocks. 
Todd Johnson








Todd Johnson, DividendLab.com Founder and Chief Editor

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