Sept 25: More to Follow
1. Close Yahoo $YHOO Position
1A. Sell 500-Shares
1B. Sell 5 Protective Puts
The protective puts limited the max loss on the trade. I believe the name does go up, and personally am using the “Big Deal” Strategy. Alex has indicated most membersin tto the regular newsletter do not ant options. I want to use the money for some recent stock purchases.
Net Credit: $19,995
1. Big Deal Trade – Option Only
1A. Bull Put Spread:
Sell (10) Jan 2018 Expiry; $30-Strike Price Puts
Buy (10) Jan 2018 Expiry; $23-Strike Price Puts
1B. Bullish Purchase of Calls/Leaps
Buy (10) Jan 2018 Expiry; $32-Strike Price Calls
Net $2,170-Debit Expense
3. Buy High-Quality Under Armour $UA
3-1. Stock is $105.5. 100-shares cost is $10,550
3-2. Buy a Protective Put: $100-Strike; OctoberWeek5 Expiration; $330-Debit
4. Close Bank of America $BAC Positions
Bankof America $BAC Positions
Close all positions in this name. Lower interest rates will put pause in the recovery of this name.
5. Buy 150-Shares in Capital Southwest Corporation (CSWC) 
This is a BDC, with a low payout right now. The security has a pending spinoff. The inside ownership is significant and the 2-entities’ actions should unlock significant value.
Net $7,200-Debit.
6. Buy 1,000-Shares of Campus Crest Communities, Inc. (CCG): this is a turn-around story
Net $5,380-Debit. The REIT’s payout was put on hold wile various action ave been put in place. There is significant ownership by small sector players.
I expect an 8% – 15% yield on our cost today —- if the dividend comes back. If it does not come back, I believe the company is looking to sell the company to a private or a public REIT entity.
7. Buy Protective Puts:
PYPL Oct 2015 33.000 put (PYPL151002P00033000 
Net $190-Debit
8. Sell 100% Paycom $PCOM
The stock did not  have options available at the time of purchase. Let’s close this position at $34.42 as technically the stock is not performing well and I would buy puts if I thought the combined married put position trumps the available securities in the market.
9. Buy 20-Shares of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (REGN) 
Buy (1) Protective Put:
REGN Oct 2015 450.000 put (REGN151023P00450000): $1,024
This biotech and $CELG are my favorite two biotech names. The only way I can hedge – and I want to hedge – the position is iva the October 100-share hedge for $1,025-Debit. This is also related to our Germany’s Bayer position.
10. $PANW: Favorite Name
A) Let’s add 25-shares at $180.50.
B) Let’s add (1) Oct-expiration protective put; strike price $170. Net $1,050-Debit.
11. Nike $NKE: let’s add 10-shares.
Outdated document.
The document was written more than 6 months ago. Information may be outdated.