I put hyperlinks in the trades. Please double check you are buying protection as I wanted to add downside risk to our portfolio. Todd

IMPORTANT: If $IWM HITS $106, SELL and buy the Same Number of Puts; Same Expiration; Strike $100. 

Let’s add a few more hedges:

1. Buy 20 $IWM Puts; strike $106; cost $120

WM Sep 2015 106.000 put (IWM150918P00106000)

I have become more concerned of a down market. Net $2400-Debit.

2. Buy 10-Calls:ERY Sep 2015 40.000 call (ERY150918C00040000)

Net $2,580-Debit

-Bearish oil hedge; 3x leverage; $40-strike;Sept 18 expiration

3. Buy $SPY Hedge: Leveraged

Buy (5) SPXS Oct 2015 22.000 call (SPXS151016C00022000)

Net $1100-Debit

I am going to adjust our Friday purchased $IWM puts for a credit: trade 4:

4. $IWM Aug 24-Dated Trades Adjustment

Sell (30) Strike $111; put Expiration: Sept, Week 1 = $270-Debit per contract

Buy (30) Strike $106 put; Expiration: Sept, Week = $95-Debit per contract

$1.70 x 3  = $5,100-Credit. 

5. Buy (2) Direxion Daily Russia Bear 3x ETFRUSS Sep 2015 60.000 call

(RUSS150918C00060000)  Russia produces a lot of oil, which is dropping.

$725 x 2 = $1450-Debit.

6. In case of a collapse, lets buy (10) $SPY $180 Puts; 2nd Week Sept

SPY Sep 2015 180.000 put (SPY150911P00180000)

Net cost of $2,440-Debit

-$YANG can be used on short China; We have adequate  coverage now–


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