May 7th,

Hi Everyone,

What we do here is a bit eccentric. I feel like the luckiest guy on the planet with Alex, Mseni, Francine, Dave – and so many folks. Many of these people, are not on the forums:  I am the only one to hear from these people.


There are many folks supporting our goal:

a) to offer a unique product;

b) earn investment income;

c) hedge positions for some members (and not hedge for others);

d) use quantitative or mechanical screens for some folks;

e) recognize my commitment to research foreign equities;

f) recognize where we are going long-term.


I would walk into Hell’s entrance to repay him for what he does.

Mseni, et al:

I want to publicly state these folks help me far more than anyone knows. Some many know what they say/share on the forum. They do far more than just this. I’ll leave it at this, for now.

Mike Morton and Mike Ray Status


Both Mike M. and Mike R. are back and will help out immensely. We were really doing a lot of actions, and I want everything to be manageable. Everyone’s life: family, friendships, kids, extended families, relaxation are all important. 

I believe everyone has learned “Dividend Lab”, collectively, takes an immense amount of time. Everyone has family – and I have taken steps to ensure everything is manageable time-wise: friendships, families, investing must co-exist. What we offer isn’t as easy as one may think.

“Cash Flow” or “Transaction Register”: Private Group

I have an accounting expert to help out on the private group.

A “cash flow” or “transaction register” showing net cash flow on the private group’s trades

Admin Person

I need an admin person to help out for scheduling, organizing, assisting on many levels. If Alex says ‘we are good’ – in the future, then I know we are good. Alex does so much, I simply want Alex to understand my respect for what he has done.

Todd’s Role

My role is to review everyone’s work in terms of positions; trades; establish ratio spreads; find the right sectors; find the right sub-sectors; and find the right names to offer as potential solutions. The goal is to make money.  

There is more than just the above going on – but I want to highlight a few issues. 



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