May 17th, 2014

Hi Folks,

$EMES Update: attached CEO.05.14.14.EMES.Sale.

On May 14th, $EMES started to decline.On May 16th we found out why. Here are a few links, images highlighting what happened on May 14th.


CEO Sale
Note 1. “Each phantom unit is the economic equivalent of one common unit. The Reporting Person’s phantom units were accompanied by tandem distribution equivalent rights (“DERs”) which represent rights to receive an amount equal to all or a portion of the cash distributions made on units during the period a phantom unit remains outstanding. 
On May 14, 2014, 265,294 of the phantom units held by the Reporting Person vested. All of the sales reported in this Form 4 were effectuated to cover the withholding taxes incurred by the Reporting Person upon vesting of such phantom units.” 


Insiders sold on May 14th. May 14th was when their phantom units vested. Insiders sold for many reasons. The CEO states ‘ALL’ of his sales were due to the vesting and to pay for tax reasons.

I haven’t sold any fracking units or options. The business model is fairly simple: fracking requires “sand”. $EMES, $HCLP, $SLCA all have rising average selling prices for their “sand”. Demand exceeds supply. This is a growing and new business – and we are in the best publicly traded entities.

Cramer’s knowledge on $EMES is “suspect”. I don’t know if the general public knows about $EMES 2 new mine approvals, which will increase the distribution payout.

Unless one knew insiders were selling due to vesting and taxation reasons, guessing why the units were falling was based upon a lack of the facts. The May 16th Form 4 are the facts for a May 14th selling pressure on $EMES units.


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