Sept 29
Good morning,
Thursday Calling Card
We will have a Conference Call on Thursday at 4:00 PM MST. I will send out instruction. I have been using, but would prefer somethingbetter: one button press and it will record. There will be a record, please reply if you have a etter recording system.
Big Deal Trades
1.  Royal Gold, Inc. (RGLD)
I believe the U.S. dollar could lose some of its power. This could cause the gold to increase in price. I am looking at $RGLD:
1A. Buy (10) RGLD Jan 2017 47.500 call (RGLD170120C00047500) $7.65
Net $7,650-Debit
1B. Bear Call Spread: 
Sell (10) RGLD Oct 2015 47.500 call (RGLD151016C00047500) $1.50
Buy (10) RGLD Oct 2015 52.500 call (RGLD151016C00052500) -.50
The spread limits potential profits on agold breakout. The bear call spreadpays $1.50 – $.50 = $1. $1 = $1,000 Credit.
Net Cost = $6650-Debit


2.Illumina Inc. (ILMN): Bullish; Big Deal



+ buy (1) March 2016 call.   $2,290-Debit. We will sell a biweekly or weekly call due to a 3:2 call, short call bias.

Total Debit: $6,092 






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