Monthly Stock for $300; Here is the link to reply to: link. 
Simple Rules designed for a stock to be added to the portfolio.

1. Stock idea must be submitted prior to the first business day of the following month.

2. The tracking price starts with the opening price of the new month. The ending tracking price ends with the ending price of the respective month.

3. Since this is a late start – and new idea for November – all picks must be submitted by close of business of Friday; May 7th. Link.

4. Goal; identify new stock ideas for the portfolio. To qualify for the $300, you must write at least 250 words on why the stock should go up in price; why the stock is worthy of investment. We will have the pick be based upon total net return, including the dividend.

5. The stock price – for the contest – must have a pink sheet; a U.S. ticker symbol, or a Canadian ticker symbol or a European ticker symbol.

The stock must be $5.00 or above. This is the contest more based upon stock analysis and less on a low priced stock price.

6. Mseni, Tom Mays, Alex will be the deciding judges in case there is any questions about fareness.

The winning member must be a paying member of the site. The winning member can not be on a trial basis.

We’ll share the content here on the forum. Please reply to the forum. You can post the stock pick first – and then have a second reply by the 5th of each month with the 250 words. Don’t adjust the winning post with the stock name and symbol.

7. I’ll mail the check.

The rules, terms will all move up change as we move forward. My goal is to provide an incentive to have a stock pick that makes message board readers’ money.


Outdated document.
The document was written more than 6 months ago. Information may be outdated.