Trades for 9.01.15. Let’s keep the $SEGN trade “open” below:

The markets are down 2% in pre-market. I will want to trade our protective puts – for the portfolio – down to lock in profits. There isn’t any sense holding an in-the-money put by $20 when we can buy at ATM put in case stocks rebound like last week. TJ

Hi Folks –

I’ve been writing through the morning . I wanted to see what China/Asia markets were doing. .I couldn’t get this to Alex in time. I wasn’t able to get ahold of Alex, and am sneding the trades.I want to buy some beat up closed end fund securities trading at high discount to CEF.  TJ 08.31.15


In this issue I will highlight adding some various stocks. The market is down for 2015. The market was volatile last week. The stocks I highlight are dividend growth: 1) Exxon-Mobil (XOM) and 2) Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (FCX). I will have updates on new positions and some sell orders. TJ

My Thoughts

I want to buy some down and out stocks. If Buffett, et al, are buying 10% of a stock, then I want to dig deeper.


Fed Minutes:

From last week: “In the past week the Federal Research minutes were released. The minutes indicated a dovish view. This differed from the Wall Street perception. This caused, for example, the 3-Month Treasury Bill to drop in yield from 11-basis points to 2-basis points. The 10-Year Bond yield dropped from 2.25% to 2.05%.”

The Fed is a mess. They can’t raise rates per the last Fed meeting.

1. Buy 20-Shares of $AGN

Let’s buy 20-shares at $308. The stock is a blue chip in the OTC pharma, and medication business. They are acquiring Actavis. This is a blue chip growth stock trading at a 14x P/E of next year’s earning.

2.Eaton Vance Risk-Managed Divers (ETJ) 

This CEF is trading at 8.37% % discount to its NAV. It yields 10.62.%. Let’s buy 500-shares trading at $10.38 this morning. Let’s buy 500-shares at $10.56.

3. Oxland Lane $OXLC Link

Let’s buy 600-Shares of $OXLC at $12.70. They have a $60 cent per share dividend as of 9.30.15. 9.8% yield. $18.90 annnual yield.  They own 100% subordinated debt.



8-Favorite Dividend Growth Names. 

  1. Oaktree Capital $OAK
  2. Lockheed $LMT
  3. Starbucks $SBUX
  4. Nike $NKE
  5. Microsoft $MSFT
  6. Visa $V
  7. Tractor Supply $TSCO
  8. Oxford Lane Capital Corp. $OXLC: CEF 18.9% yield




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