April 30th, 2014

Good morning,

I have noticed people hate down markets. Plenty of stocks are moving up and away. The sector allocation is in full swing. 04.30.14

We really have an excellent mix of Closed End Funds; MLP’s; income stocks; blue chip stocks. Knock on wood, but many of them are posting 52-week highs, such as $OILT, $ENBL, $CLR yesterday 04.29.14.

Investing Plans

Let’s say my favorite stocks are 50% down from their highs – but are attractive values today – I believe in setting up calendar put spreads; buying deep out of the money puts; and waiting for a plunge to pick these up with the protective put already owned.


Below is a nice holding for a small allocation. We own it with some fine billionaires.

Todd 04.30.14



I think most will find this interesting who don’t already know.

I just got off the air with the radio station. I want to provide clarity on $ALWCF. And why we moved into mREITs. I know mREITs better than most securities. They are paying 10% + per year, with very little risk.

You can listen to my radio show on the home page tomorrow – but here is my view of the market:

I’m more of a bear right now because of Putin/Russia. Thus I moved into the $TWO, $EFC, $ALWCF (18% yield, billionaire well known family that established Royal Caribbean If memory serves). This family owns 48.7% of $ALWCF.

I have followed Putin: books, research, E. German KGB outposts. I would be my money he goes in after the “Pro-Russian Protesters” have taken over key cities. Thus, I invest in such companies as below:

Why invest in $AWCF – Todd
Billionaires, who founded Royal Caribbean in ’68, own 48.7% of this $AWLCF venture. Links are below. This yields about 20% per year. Yes, there are risks. But we have some pretty good people on our side who own 48.7%. 20% yield: it doesn’t take a lot to get your money back.

Company Brief
Awilco Drilling Limited was incorporated in December 2009 in connection with the acquisition of the two semi submersible drilling rigs, WilPhoenix (previously Arctic II) and WilHunter (previously Arctic IV). The company is registered in England & Wales with its operation based in Aberdeen, Scotland. The Company re-registered to a public company on 14 April 2011, under the name Awilco Drilling plc.

Awilco Drilling plc is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (Oslo Axess) under ticker code AWDR. The Awilhelmsen Group is the largest shareholder controlling 48.7% of the shares. Awilco Drilling PLC has management agreements in place with Awilco AS (and related companies) for ad-hoc support services.

Awilhelmsen Group
“The Awilhelmsen Group was established in 1939 by ship owner Anders Wilhelmsen. In 1954 and 1958 respectively, Anders Wilhelmsen’s sons Arne and Gjert entered the company as employees. Both worked in the Group for the rest of their working lives and acted as Directors of the Board until the summer of 2012.

In the period from 1939 until 1968 all business was shipping related, with main focus on dry cargo, tankers and car transportation. Shipping within different tonnage-categories has alwas been and still is a part of the Group’s long term strategy, these activites are operated through the fully-owned subsidiary Awilco AS.

From the late 1960s the Group chose to diversify into new areas of business. In 1968, Awilhelmsen was part of the establishing of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (RCCL), which over the years has been developed into becoming the world’s second largest cruise operator. During the whole period, Awilhelmsen has been an active and long-term owner of RCCL.

From the middle of the 1970s Awilhelmsen has also been active in the oilservice industry, with investments in and operations of supply vessels, diving vessels and shuttletankers – and later also accommodation rigs, FPSO, heavy-lift vessels and drilling rigs.

In the 1990s the Group also became a player in the real estate market, a business that is operated throught the fully-owned subsidiary, Linstow AS. Among other things, the activities includes real estate investments in Norway and the Baltic countries.

From around year 2000, investment in shares, securities and private equity became a larger part of Awilhelmsen’s activities. Through this part of the business the Group is managing a portfolio of listed securities and ownership in other companies. The largest single investment has been in Expert AS, which is the second largest retail chain for consumer electronics in Scandinavia.”



Outdated document.
The document was written more than 6 months ago. Information may be outdated.