1. Buy 500 shares of $KMI at $29.36. Net Debit: $14,600-Debit.

2. Buy 5-Protective Puts:KMI Jan 2017 27.500 put (KMI170120P00027500) $400 x 5 = $2,000-Debit

3. Buy KMI Jan 2017 30.000 call (KMI170120C00030000): Net $2,859-Debit

Net $3,000-Debit

4. Buy 200-Shares of IPO, today,NovoCure Ltd (NVCR)

$1,900 x 2 = $3,800-Debit.

5. High Risk: Protective Put

Ignore this trade if you want to avoid high risk trades. High growth, write-up coming, private name acquisition. 

Buy 100-Shares of TYL Oct 2015 140.000 put (TYL151016P00140000): $16,900

TYL Nov 2015 160.000 put (TYL151120P00160000): $540-Debit, Protective Put


6. Close 75-Shares $ADPT at $82.5

Sell (1) $100-put, Nov at $1,740-Debit.

7. Buy (1) Protective Put $BMY; Oct $190-Debit

8. Sell (20) Shares of:Cable One. Inc. Common Stock

$430 x 20 = $8,600-Debit.

9. Sell Capital Southwest Corporation

Sell 100-shares. Spinoff component.

-Selling position to fund recent purchases and focus upon what is working.

Topics & Holdings:

1) Weekly Conference will be on Thursdays
2) All the trades I am doing are focused upon income; special situations; capital appreciation

General Ideas:
1) We can discusss the new positions,
2) We can discuss any sectors/stocks on the border of selling,
3) Favorite stocks/equities/strategies,
4) The overall strategy on $EPD is working,

My 60% Strategy is Focused upon CEF’s
1) This is a position I am comfortable with,
2) This is a position I use with $SPY protective puts on the total NAV value,

1. We have added tobacco with income growth to it,
2. I could be wrong but I have also added some gold to the portfolio. This adds diversification to the portfolio.


Outdated document.
The document was written more than 6 months ago. Information may be outdated.