CONFERENCE CALL: 08.14.15 Info


Call Time:  2:00 PM MST – 4:00 PM MST

Short-Cut to the Dividend Lab Forum
A. redtailedshark = my Skype user name
Please advise who you are (DividendLab User Name) when you send an invite for me to add you to my Skype contact listes. I will add you so we are connected and can hear each other. Simply send an invite to me to connect.
B. You can download skype on your laptop, desktop, mobile phone.
C. I chose the setup where I can upload files for skype.
D. Check the forum on Friday before 2:00 PM MST. We can double check that everything is working.
If one person attends, it is a success. This will only become easier to do.
Hi Folks,
Please reply to this email with your question. The link to this thread is  .The info for the call will be here.  
1. Submit Questions: Please submit any questions as a reply to this post.
2. Notes will be Uploadable here too.
3. I am working on rationale for some purchases.
4. You can submit any questions in a reply to this post. You can also reply by sending an email to me:

I am setting up a couple different ways. One is Skype. I will be able to record the voice; upload the files.
My goal is to have a weekly call. When you can’t make the call send an email. The process will be the easiest – and this is week one. Week 2 will be easier. The key issue is you will have an answer to your questions on why we bought a stock, sold a stock, what to do with a scenario. 
————————————————The simplest form is for everyone to call to call me and we can talk. If the docs don’t download, they will be available on the forum.
I like this format because I can record.
If it doesn’t work, I’ll have a back up.
If you can’t make the call, please email meIf you are planning on calling in – please send a Skype user name/invite to me: redtailedshark = my user name.  
Tom – please bring the beer. Mseni – plesae bring the beer in case Tom forgot the beer. Assume Tom forgot the beer. 
I will add you to my Skype contacts. Please indicate who you when you send the invite.


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