To: ***Brad Thomas, SeekingAlpha, James Kostohryz: How to Become Rich, 5.19.17*** & DividendLab.com Subscribers

Good morning,

I believe Brad Thomas, SeekingAlpha staff, James Kostohrz, James Cramer can help you become wealthy.

Please send any offers, samples you want me to send, and I’ll them to everyone I know. We are competing in different markets – but regardless I would recommend anyone of you to anybody I know.

Personalities: Brad Thomas, et al, are the kindest folks I have spoke with and James/James are equal par.

I will personally send anything they have to offer. I am a bit more on the small cap side; special situation side; going private; spinoffs vs. the intellectual capacity of the names in blue.

Folks: please send me what you want me to send out – and I’ll do it. I don’t want anything from you. I can add commentary. I can have friends add Bloomberg data.

Todd Johnson
Disclaimer:I don’t want a penny from any subscriber. I’ll send the truth land on iits own two feet. I’m sending this out to everyone with good karma for you all. TJ