I like the way the equities are moving. The mREITs are moving in the right direction. The call options don’t offer a lot of value, but the yields are very strong for our equities. I’ll have changes for next week as the Fed Futures is implying rates are not likely to rise.

I like shipping at this point for yields. We have in Dividend Lab equities with a very high yield. Many names are at 10% – 20% annual yields. In general, mREITs puts are fairly inexpensive.

There are only 3-agency only mREITs: 1) AGNC, 2) CYS, and a third. I was researching the names this morning and am trying to recall the 3rd agency name.Ā  I would buy only $AGNC preferred and $CYS preferred in the mREIT preferred sector.

$LNKD is down 40%. That hit is weighing on the tech indices.

As the dollar weakens, metals will go up in US dollar terms. Our hedges should make some money if the stocks keep going down

The income names are paying off. Yields, capital gains, and it doesn’t look like interest rates will move higher. The income names should help the portfolio.

I’ll have further info on the portfolio – this weekend – after watching this week play out.



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