Podcast Purpose:

we are sharing the way we communicate; sharing the way we think; sharing ideas. These are more about actionalbe trades or trades that are on; hedging concepts; selling losing positions. Don’t love stocks because the stock doesn’t love you back. 

Questions and Question Mark - Sticky Note Confusion

If you h ave a question, pleas post it on the forum. Our goal is to find better investment ideas for the respective groups. We want to share our thoughts in this context.

Todd, Mike, Mike

Key Issues for Me: We added to some income names due to my feeling/knowledge of the mREIT space. Economy is slowing and will slow further with higher taxes and healthcare cost; government debt. There will some winners.

I have to ensuar Mary is aware before I give her contact info out. She’ll be the point of contact for private group on all matters os Mike, Mike, and I don’t miss anything.

CPA will be working away on trades.

Please feel free to submit a question here.

Private group: done deal on anything. All other groups, we will spend as much time a necessary. Mike R. is in charge of tech tomorrow.


Took profits. Period. We have gold. We have interest rate hedges. We have spinoff names. I have further ideas to share, but need to sell at the highs…..

Thanks, Todd

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