My name is Todd Johnson. I’m a family man, sports fiend, health nut, technology buff, long-time stock investor, and a very lucky mountain climber, which is hardly enough to distinguish me from many 50-year-old males living in Albuquerque (or anywhere else for that matter). But these are the things that I am passionate about and which have shaped my philosophy as a professional investor for the last 30 years. As they might suggest, I am always looking for the upside while striving to minimize my risks.




After obtaining my MBA from Regis University in Denver, I eventually made my way to Seattle, which, at the time, was brewing up a stew of future stock behemoths such as Microsoft, Starbucks, Coinstar, and Amazon. Anyone with the same indoctrination as me into stock investing in the 1990s wouldn’t have any reason to consider a strategy beyond “buy and hold” to generate double and triple digit gains. I certainly didn’t consider another strategy until the 2000s hit. Hello volatility.

It was then that I focused exclusively upon absolute return investing, and I learned that it was no longer necessary to run from volatility as many investors do. Instead, I learned how to embrace it in order to extract positive returns from even the worst of market conditions while adhering to sound, valuable investment strategies.

My new passion, which I have realized through Dividend Lab, is helping other investors understand that investing in stocks and other assets that are subject to wide price swings can actually enhance their returns when the right investment strategy is applied. To that end, I read company 10k and 10q statements so you don’t need to. I compile and analyze the market research that isn’t always at your fingertips. And I don’t make any investment recommendation without already committing my own funds, which is the purest form of accountability.

I’m not a licensed broker or a registered financial adviser. I’m an investor like you. But my 30-year passion for absolute return investing, which has focused upon year-in, year-out positive returns, can be your gain. I invite you to learn more about Dividend Lab and to join me on the fantastic journey toward positive, absolute returns.

- Todd Johnson



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30-Day Money Back Guarantee for each of our products.

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